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    Post  Yamakashi on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:08 pm

    We have been always aiming for unity in this country: unity between the body of army and rebels, unity between Christians and Muslims, unity between the administration and the opposition, and of course, unity among all Filipinos. Some have been partially reached; others, still waiting for action. No wonder, our country has been left already by our neighboring countries. Without unity, our common goals will not be attained.

    In line with the foregoing, I'd like to share an opinion regarding what unity all about is. UNITY IS ABOUT CHANGING ONE'S MINDSET. Og Mandino, mentioned in his book "The Greatest Salesman in the World" a quote, to wit: "Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts." Your thought dictates your actions. Let me give an example."Hindi ako aattend ng General Assembly. May teambuilding na naman, bahala sila diyan." Let me surmise the thought behind those actions (not attending). Maybe you're thinking that nothing's siginificant in that activity. Maybe you're thinking as well that you're just gonna waste your time with that kind of activity without getting anything. Perhaps, your thought tells you also that you don't want to be part of SLAS. Maybe you're telling to your self that "My org naman na ako outside SLAS, member ako ng cheering squad, member ako ng JPIA, member ako ng VINCULUM, member ako ng choir sa Church, etc. Baki pa ako magiging member ng SLAS. Bat kasi required na umattend diyan sa gen ass na yan? Bat kasi required na maging member ng SLAS?" ( In that example, what do you think you are, WEAK or STRONG?)

    I respect you and your decision. However, though you want to quit from SLAS, you can't, because you know that from the time you became a library working scholar, you have been automatically registered as member of SLAS. We can't just abolish that rule and make it not mandatory, because maintaining that rule signifies a sign of respect to those who established SLAS. They wanted to unite all LWS, and that’s what we are adhering to. So we encourage you to respect it also. There's only one way how to quit SLAS! And you are cognizant about it. But that's not a good choice, right? Thus, rather than thinking how to quit SLAS, why not learn how to love it. In fact, you're part of it, though you're being forced to be part of it. If you're afraid not to be heard when you share your ideas, be it not to. We welcome you and your ideas. If want a change in SLAS, speak it out. Do not keep in yourself. However, do not complain or criticize negatively if you have nothing to recommend (solution), rather find a way to help us resolve the problem. Don't make excuse. Do your part as a member. Perform your role well.

    Since I have always been emphasizing that we, officers, don't decide by ourselves, we urge you to share what is in your mind. We need you. We need each other. You need to change your mindset for us to reach UNITY. We need to be united, for us to reach our common goals.

    I want you ponder the passage below:

    "Plan an act, reap a habit;
    Plan a habit, reap a virtue or vice;
    Plan a virtue or vice, reap a character;
    Plan a character, reap a destiny."

    Og Mandino also quoted; "I WILL ACT NOW."

    Reminder: To all those who have not yet settled their obligation regarding the membership fee and fines, kindly pay it to your respective departmental representative, or to Salve Marie Bose, Assistant Treasurer or to me. You know who you are!

    Rustan Yamakashi M. Ganio
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