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    Use Your Freedom Well!

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    icon1 Use Your Freedom Well!

    Post  Yamakashi on Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:56 pm

    I said on my last post what a member can do to his organization. For now I want to concentrate on a sentence that I have read this morning. But let me paraphrase it-"FREEDOM NOT EXERCISED is tantamount to FREEDOM FORFEITED.” Do I concur to this statement? Definitely, YES! We're given FREEDOM from the time we're born until the last breath of our lives. We're the sole owner of it. Sometimes it may suppress by others, yet it is not lost from us. It will always remain in us. FREEDOM, however, is not ABSOLUTE. It is not absolute, in the sense that, how you use your freedom must in conformity with a good intention because sometimes what is beneficial to you is destructive to others. So you must see to it that how you exercise your freedom cannot mar others' FREEDOM.

    Almost in all decisions we made, and we will be making, FREEDOM is there. When we choose among alternatives, again, FREEDOM is there. The spirit of election for a new set of officers of our organization is presently floating in the air. If you want to help our organization as early as now, I encourage you to participate actively in this election. One way to do it is to USE your FREEDOM. Use your freedom to decide whether you'll file for candidacy or not. Use your FREEDOM to vote. (In this manner it seems that your freedom will have to be subdued since it is compulsory for us to vote. Nevertheless, as I have mentioned a while ago that your freedom may be suppressed by others, yet it is not lost from you.) Furthermore, use your freedom to decide whether to vote for this person or not. Use your freedom as well to choose whether you'll just sit there or move and do something more significant and teeming.

    If you opt to run for officership, good for you! If you remain to be a member but not an officer, good for you too! However, it is subject to a condition, that is, only if you've realized the importance of being a member in an organization. (Refer to my previous post)

    Thus, decide on what is best for you and for others. Don't act impulsively. Don’t be pressured by your environment. Consider the pros and cons of your decisions. Think of it for more than once. Use your FREEDOM properly, and at its optimum level. Help those who are in need if you are capable to. Help our organization. Help SLU-SLAS!

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